About Us

Sensei Amber Kitching - Karate in Sandton


Amber Kitching, started her karate journey in April 2011, achieving her 2nd Dan in November 2020. Amber is also a qualified fitness instructor specialising in water fitness and with a passion for learning and sharing knowledge it has been a long time goal to begin teaching from her very own dojo. With the establishment of Saku Dojo in April 2021 she is very excited to take this next step alongside her students a decade later.

Sensei Amber Kitching - Karate in Sandton

Our Name

Saku means Bloom, a name inspired by the quote below;

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” ~ Zen Shin Talks

At Saku Dojo we believe that while competition is vital for growth, our most important competition is the previous version of ourselves. Thus we teach to look within oneself and reflect on our own strengths and weaknesses, focussing on practicing and improving these to grow ourselves rather than focussing on the strengths or weaknesses of others.

Saku Dojo Logo

Our Logo

Our logo is a dragon rising from a fiery lotus flower in bloom with the kanji ‘Saku’ encapsulated in an open circle.

The Rising Dragon represents progress, ascension & growth. Eastern dragons are strong, powerful creatures that are associated with positivity and are seen as warriors & guardians of good.

The Blooming Lotus represents personal growth, showing that we can always bloom even out of the most difficult situations.

The incomplete circle represents that imperfection is a natural part of existence and though we can strive for our best we should not become despondent about imperfection as there is always room for growth and improvement and that should be celebrated.